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My wife and I would like to comment on the great service that was performed by one of your employees by the name of Jason. He performed some plumbing work in our home on Monday, March 24, 2014. It was obvious to my wife and I that he knew his trade well. Jason showed professionalism in his trade. He took the time and patience to answer any questions that my wife and I had about what we were dealing with.


Jason explained what needed to be done in terms that we could understand. He was friendly, cordial, honest and very well mannered the entire time that he was in our home. He analyzed the circumstances of our needs and got the job done. Jason is an exceptional individual and we were pleased and satisfied with his service. Please inform him of this email. We appreciated having him in our home and the work that he performed.

Ken & Nancy Griswold - Customer


Dear Chris:

I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated Scott’s work at our home. His courtesy and attention to detail was awesome! He brought out the fellow from Woodmoor Water District in order to stop the noise when our water was on.


He also increased the water pressure, so that we could get more out of our sprinklers. While he was here, he fixed our upstairs toilet to prevent staining in the bowl. Chris, you have a good man in Scott! Have a great day!

Forrest H., Monument


One of the best companies in El Paso County. I manage several commercial properties and no one provides the same level of service that they do. I have worked with many other companies over the years and haven't been as satisfied that our money was well spent. In particular, one of our commercial kitchens needed some re-routing of pipes due to health inspection changes.


Jazy Frei was the only plumber we called that actually called the health department to see what they wanted us to do and took care of it. Other companies told us to argue because the health inspector was "wrong" to ask for the changes. Not only was the health inspector right, we passed our re-inspection without a mark. That’s the kind of company I can recommend to work with. Trustworthy, prompt, knowledgeable and excellent value.

Chad P., Colorado Springs


I would highly recommend Jazy Frei Plumbing over and over again. They have done small jobs for me personally, and were always done quickly, efficiently and at very low cost. I recently recommended them to some clients of mine that bought a house with extensive water and pipe damage. Chris Burghardt, one of the owners, went out there personally and looked at it. They came in with a bid even though they had no real way of knowing how many leaks there would be. (Water was turned off).


Jazy Frei finished the entire job in a matter of days and came in under what they bid. Does that ever happen? My clients were living out-of-state, so Chris not only did his work to complete satisfaction, he also noticed other damage to the home that was completely unrelated to the plumbing. My clients were incredibly appreciative that a complete stranger would have the courtesy to call.

Mandy R., Colorado Springs


Some of the best and most personable people I have ever met. On one of the coldest nights shortly before Christmas, my furnace quit. Being a single mother, I became very emotional and was scared that we would freeze in our home. After searching through the phone book I finally got a hold of Jazy Frei, where I got a pleasant young man on the phone.


It was Scott who over the phone helped me through all the descriptions and functions of each part of my furnace. He walked me through every little wire and piece of anything that looked important. He stayed on the phone with me even when I ran up and down the stairs and finally we got the furnace to work again. He would not let me go until he was sure that everything was working properly. I am thrilled to know that there is still some old fashioned small business etiquette left in this city. Thank you for hiring Scott, who was a complete professional.

Tracy U., Colorado Springs


Professional, capable, kind and understanding. On Tuesday your employee came to my home to repair a plumbing leak. The leak appeared outside of my home and seemed to be coming from the master bath. I feel fortunate that I used Jazy Frei because he was professional, capable, kind and understanding of my situation and me.


Once the repair had been completed, we thought there was a complicating development that caused him to deal with another plumbing problem. Even though he had to go to his school that night, he stayed and completed the work and handled the paperwork before leaving. As a single woman it is nice to be able to trust the professionals that I need to allow into my home and your employee was a gentleman and a true asset to your company. Dedicated and qualified employees are golden in today's business world.

Scharee A., Colorado Springs

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